Reading: Macronutrient Adequacy of Elite Sri Lankan Swimmers


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Macronutrient Adequacy of Elite Sri Lankan Swimmers


V. Ganegama Arachchi ,

Institute of Sports Medicine, LK
About V. Ganegama
Torrington place, Colombo 7
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S. Wasalathanthiri,

Faculty of Medicine, LK
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Department of Physiology
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T. Makuloluwa

Kothalawala Defense University, LK
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Faculty of Allied Health Sciences
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Nutrition seems to play an important role in health and performance of swimmers. The present study assessed the macronutrient intakes and calorie adequacy of swimmers of Sri Lankan national pool. 38 swimmers (16 males and 22 females) were studied during formal training, 3 weeks prior to an athletic event. Body height, weight and fat percentage were calculated. Dietary intake was assessed by 24-hr dietary recall and energy expenditure by considering the daily activities and MET values. Data were analyzed by SPSS statistical package. Means and standard deviations were calculated for total energy intakes and total energy expenditures for males and females separately and the statistical differences were determined by the paired t test. The mean (±SD) age, body mass index and body fat percentages of male and female swimmers were 16.8±1.4 and 16.7±1.5 years, 21.44±1.87 and 21.86±3.41 kg/m2 and 13± 3.07% and 20.5±1.93% respectively. Although the mean energy expenditure was higher than the mean energy intake in males (3941.25±585.32 vs. 3866.44±605.41) and females (3876.09±552.64 vs 3370.64±484.31), the difference was statistically significant only in females (p=0.002). Four out of 16 males and all females were in negative energy balance. When percentage of energy derived from three major macronutrients were analyzed, approximately 77%, 9% and 14% were derived from carbohydrates, proteins and fats respectively. In conclusion, although energy balance is not satisfactory in both groups, it is seriously compromised in female swimmers. Low protein intake in both groups has to be considered seriously, as these swimmers belong to a young age group.

How to Cite: Arachchi, V.G., Wasalathanthiri, S. and Makuloluwa, T., 2015. Macronutrient Adequacy of Elite Sri Lankan Swimmers. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, 2(1), pp.22–26. DOI:
Published on 30 Jun 2015.
Peer Reviewed


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