Reading: Economic Analysis of Jatropha Bio-diesel Production in Sri Lanka


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Economic Analysis of Jatropha Bio-diesel Production in Sri Lanka


P. Sivashankar ,

Post Graduate Institute of Agriculture, LK
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J. Weerahewa,

Department of Agricultural Economics and Business Management, LK
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G. Pushpakumara,

University of Peradeniya, LK
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Department of Crop Science, Faculty of Agriculture
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L. Galagedara

Memorial University of Newfoundland, Corner Brook, NL, CA
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Grenfell Campus
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There has been an increasing trend in investments in renewable energy sources in the recent years. This study assesses the economic and financial feasibility of Jatropha production in Sri Lanka under the prevailing policy regime. The nominal protection coefficient and effective protection coefficients were employed to gauge the level of protection for bio-diesel production using Jatropha in Sri Lanka. The cost
benefit analysis was performed to assess the feasibility of Jatropha bio-diesel production in Sri Lanka. The conventional measures like NPV, BCR, and IRR were used in financial and economic terms. Nominal Rate of Protection (NPR) was calculated by dividing the local Jatropha bio-diesel price by the border price of biodiesel. The NPR for Bio-diesel implies that nearly 47% of protection at local market level. Effective
Protection Rate (EPR) for seed production is 90%, for oil extraction and bio-diesel processing it is 128%. Implication of this is that the producers will be protected and they receive returns 47% greater than what they would have received under free market conditions for Jatropha cultivation. Except for the benchmark
situation, all other considered scenarios produce a favourable NPV, BCR and IRR for Jatropha bio-diesel production. Economic benefits due to CO2 reduction were also considered in the analysis.

How to Cite: Sivashankar, P., Weerahewa, J., Pushpakumara, G. and Galagedara, L., 2016. Economic Analysis of Jatropha Bio-diesel Production in Sri Lanka. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, 3(1), pp.59–69. DOI:
Published on 30 Jun 2016.
Peer Reviewed


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